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Starting again in January

 “I am so glad I decided to take this workshop, get out of my comfort zone and sink into the feelings I’d been running from for so long. The tools [Using Art to Heal] have given me are invaluable.”

Megan, age 26

The Work

For four-weeks we meet (virtually) to get to the bottom of what’s blocking you from feeling more fulfilled in your life. We pointedly look at areas you are blocked or have been neglecting and use directed writing, journaling and meditation to find the truth you have been keeping from yourself (because it’s in there, we just need to dig for it). We look at fears around work, life, love and our bodies; lies we were taught that we’ve been holding onto that have been unconsciously guiding our decisions and beliefs; hopes and dreams we’re too afraid to admit to and how to actually be happy (it actually is a skill that can be taught!).


Each week requires approximately a five hour commitment: the 1.5 hour group session each week, one 30-60 minute one on one session with me during the four weeks, daily commitments, and generally one specific assignment pertaining to the week’s focus.


Each week’s session will begin with a check-in about the previous week’s work and assignments: what came up, what were the hurdles, where were the surprises; a talk about the coming week’s focus; and directed movement, meditation and free writes. Each week will have a different focus and assignment meant to open you up, identify how you have been hiding from yourself, and find time for play. The purpose is to feel good, see what you’ve been avoiding, and allow the art of play and reflection to free some of the tension in your life that’s preventing you from living, loving and creating honestly. This workshop draws heavily from similar courses like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and relies on the benefits of journaling and free-writes (but this is not intended as a course exclusively for writers, but instead for people who may have lost themselves or never really known themselves).


This is a course for people who think they have maybe been missing something and could be living in a way that is more true to who they are. There will be an expectation of all participants of energy, participation, vulnerability, commitment and time. You don’t need to have any specific skills, any answers, or any experience with workshops like this. All that is asked is that you show up, be honest and commit. Each week the energy you bring will be different from the last, this is normal, growth and healing are not a one and done. There is an ebb and flow, because this–your life–is a lifelong commitment


Sliding scale $50-$200


Should you realize Using Art to Heal isn’t right for you, up until the day before the second session, you can email to request a full refund, no explanation required. I want to work with you, but only when the time is right and only if my methods are right for you.


The content contained in this workshop series is intended to inspire joy and spark creativity in your life. It is not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Inquiries and Registration:

To confirm your registration, please e-transfer fees to, password: heal.

In order to maintain the necessary levels of intimacy work of this nature requires, space is limited.

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