Your Back Fat Will Set You Free

When my (then) partner asked me why I don’t shave my ass I told him, “because you have to draw the line somewhere.”  Ladies and gentlemen, this is what freedom looks like. What I meant was that I was done with striving.  I could see the futility in trying to achieve the airbrushed look andContinue reading “Your Back Fat Will Set You Free”

Why We Meditate

But here’s the interesting part: every now and then instead of trying to change your anger in the last 10 minutes, instead of trying to not feel it, to not see it head on, instead of denying that this lesser part of you exists, you just allow it to be. You let it turn you hot, you attempt to dispel nothing. And generally this moment right here, this is the reason why we meditate, because somehow it dissipates on its own.

My Teacher or Why We Need A Teacher

Up until last year, I was flailing around in the dark thinking that that was what I was supposed to be doing. Thinking that it was all magic and mysticism instead of direct, translatable experience. I thought I was a magical unicorn on the path of my own journey, when in fact I am just one of the masses who has come to meditation for answers.