If You Want Something Different Than This, Become Something Different Than This or Wake Up!

Solving the misalignments in ourselves requires asking what part of you feels safe with your patterns even when you feel dissatisfied with your life. Like it or not, believe it or not, your patterns of self-sabotage, poor communication, lethargy, compulsive behaviours, etcetera, are the response to a need to feel safe that you are denying.

You May Not be a F*ck Up After All, You May Just Have PTSD!

Have you been suffering from extreme wanderlust, poor relationships, social anxiety, work anxiety, family anxiety, or grocery store anxiety?  Or maybe just an unhealthy attachment style in your romantic relationships? What about binge and/or emotional eating?  Shopping addiction?  Social media addiction?  Love addiction?  Really, any kind of addiction??  Have no fear!!  You may just beContinue reading “You May Not be a F*ck Up After All, You May Just Have PTSD!”