My Face

The more inundated I am with images from social media, TV, movies, advertising, the more I will see and accept this as the norm.  I already see that in myself.  And that would be ok except when I see myself start to question my own face’s legitimacy, when I start to think, “is this something I have to spend my money on?  Is this something worth considering, fixing, fighting?”

Your Back Fat Will Set You Free

When my (then) partner asked me why I don’t shave my ass I told him, “because you have to draw the line somewhere.”  Ladies and gentlemen, this is what freedom looks like. What I meant was that I was done with striving.  I could see the futility in trying to achieve the airbrushed look andContinue reading “Your Back Fat Will Set You Free”

Using Art to Heal: Virtual Workshop with Pam Stewart

This is a course for artists and non-artists, writers and non-writers; people who think they have maybe been missing something and could be living in a way that is more true to who they are. There will be an expectation of all participants of energy, participation, vulnerability, commitment and time. You don’t need to have any specific skills, any answers, or any experience with workshops like this. All that is asked is you show up, be honest and try.

If You Want Something Different Than This, Become Something Different Than This or Wake Up!

Solving the misalignments in ourselves requires asking what part of you feels safe with your patterns even when you feel dissatisfied with your life. Like it or not, believe it or not, your patterns of self-sabotage, poor communication, lethargy, compulsive behaviours, etcetera, are the response to a need to feel safe that you are denying.