I Miss Hugs

I have gotten too good at going it alone.  I am an affectionate person who has learned not to be touched.  I live, work and travel alone.  I eat, sleep and dance alone.  My wires got crossed somewhere along the way, COVID was far too easy for me.  I only started to question it, questionContinue reading “I Miss Hugs”

My Face

The more inundated I am with images from social media, TV, movies, advertising, the more I will see and accept this as the norm.  I already see that in myself.  And that would be ok except when I see myself start to question my own face’s legitimacy, when I start to think, “is this something I have to spend my money on?  Is this something worth considering, fixing, fighting?”

Your Back Fat Will Set You Free

When my (then) partner asked me why I don’t shave my ass I told him, “because you have to draw the line somewhere.”  Ladies and gentlemen, this is what freedom looks like. What I meant was that I was done with striving.  I could see the futility in trying to achieve the airbrushed look andContinue reading “Your Back Fat Will Set You Free”