Using Art to Heal: Virtual Workshop with Pam Stewart

Starting Thursday, October 15 at 7pm Pacific Standard Time, I’ll be running a six week virtual workshop series called Using Art to Heal. Each week will focus on a different area of blockage or neglection that’s been negatively affecting your life and/or your art. We’ll look at work, life and art fears; internal blocks; hopes and dreams; life health and joy.

Time Commitment

Each week will require approximately a five hour commitment: the group sessions which will take place once a week for two hours, daily activities/prompts on your own time throughout the week, and at least one one-on-one with me during the six weeks to talk about your specific experience and areas of concern.

What to Expect

Each week’s session will begin with a group check-in about the previous week’s homework/assignments: what came up, what were the hurdles, where were the surprises; a talk about the coming week’s focus; and directed movement, meditation and free writes. Each week will have different homework assignments meant to open you up, identify how you have been sabotaging yourself, and play. The purpose is to feel good, see what you’ve been avoiding, and allow the art of play and reflection to free some of the tension in your life that’s preventing you from living and creating honestly.


This is a course for artists and non-artists, writers and non-writers; people who think they have maybe been missing something and could be living in a way that is more true to who they are. There will be an expectation of all participants of energy, participation, vulnerability, commitment and time. You don’t need to have any specific skills, any answers, or any experience with workshops like this. All that is asked is you show up, be honest and try.

Cost + Fees

Cost is free or pay what you wish. Group size is limited to allow space and time for vulnerability and depth.

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The content contained in this workshop series is intended to inspire joy and spark creativity in your life. It is not intended to replace care best provided by qualified professionals and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Published by Pam Stewart

I am a writer living in Victoria, BC, Canada. I got my start in spoken word and am now a frequent contributor to Elephant Journal. My writing is the result of a deep dive into the world of self-help. I don't profess to know how others should do it, but am interested in having the conversation. I think there is real value in revealing our blindspots, our vulnerabilities and our fears; which is what I am trying to do through my essays on mindfulness, self-exploration, and living honestly. I have found God through writing, which is to say, I have found myself through writing. My book, I Really Thought It Would Be Easier Than This, is available now.

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